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Erika Maita

Driving Innovation and Excellence at F5

About Erika Maita

About Erika Maita Erika Maita Driving Innovation and Excellence at F5

Erika Maita stands at the intersection of technical innovation and creative artistry, embodying the dynamic blend of tech enthusiast and creative. A self-proclaimed “data nerd” and mindfulness enthusiast opens the doors for building relationships with a unique approach on innovation, resonating with the technologically successful executives at a human level.

As the driving force behind sales, marketing, and brand development, Erika has been instrumental in shaping the company’s identity and spearheading the organization’s go-to-market strategy. Her business acumen and technical expertise were pivotal in closing over $65 million in sales

Her journey in the tech industry started at Vology, Inc., in 2012, where she was mentored and guided by the country’s brightest executives and engineers. Starting in data center infrastructure, Erika’s career and perseverance to understand new technologies, industry trends, and products in her customer’s environment led her to the University of Phoenix, where she majored in Information Technology.

Erika developed the Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Chicago markets using solutions comprised of data center infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions, CX, cybersecurity, compliance management, networking monitoring, managed and outsourced administration, competitive ROI analysis, data warehousing, and analytics across the private and public sector in gaming and security, non-profit, healthcare, finance, legal, retail, real estate, government, and manufacturing.

As a Tampa native and enthusiastic Floridian, Erika is involved with organizations focused on the growth of the business community and the positive economic impact on the Greater Tampa Bay area. Her commitment to community engagement concentrates on leading the way for new businesses, venture capitalists, and cutting-edge technology organizations. As a mentor at The Bay Wave, she is passionate about helping new business owners realize their creative genius to complement their brand, product, and culture.

Recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as the Best and Brightest 30 under thirty and Hall of Fame Overall Winner, she continues to support local organizations providing economic relief and respuirces for youth.

Erika’s strategic vision came to the fore as Director of Marketing and Business Development at Stanton IP Law Firm, P.A., where she leveraged digital strategy, social media marketing, and lead generation to protect, enforce, and monetize intellectual property rights. Her ability to drive new business development forged strategic partnerships and positioned the firm as a Small Business of the Year Finalist for the Tampa Bay Chamber, a board member, speaker, and sponsor at Florida Synapse, and an expert investor and strategic partner at Florida Funders.

As F5 grows and expands its influence, Erika’s leadership, technical knowledge, regulatory and security compliance expertise, and creative vision will position F5 to lead the way in the MSP industry. An example of the impact of combining technical skills with innovative thinking is a testament that both Matt Price and Erika Maita are genuine pioneers in the technology industry.

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