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Matt Price

Innovator and Managing Partner at F5

About Matt Price

Matt Price’s illustrious career in technology spans over two decades, marked by strategic leadership roles and a relentless pursuit of innovation. As the Managing Partner at F5, Matt brings a wealth of experience from various sectors to spearhead the company’s growth in managed IT services and security. His journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship, alongside Erika Maita, signifies a bold step towards addressing the ever-evolving challenges within the IT services industry.

A testament to Matt’s innovative spirit is his achievement in securing a patent for his groundbreaking work at Thunder Studios. This patent exemplifies his ability to drive technological advancements and his commitment to contributing valuable, tangible innovations to the industry. At Thunder Studios, where he served as Chief Technology Officer, Matt oversaw IT operations, information security, application development, and digital media departments, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation

Before co-founding F5, Matt’s role as Director of Network Technology at Ashley Furniture Industries showcased his capability to integrate cutting-edge technologies and enhance operational efficiencies. His executive tenure also includes impactful positions such as EVP of Technology at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., and Director of IT at Overseas Shipholding Group, where his leadership significantly contributed to each organization’s technological advancement and strategic direction.

Matt’s entrepreneurial journey was further highlighted during his tenure as Managing Director at United Technologies, laying the foundation for his role in creating and shaping F5. His early career roles at New Century Financial and Erie Health Center equipped him with a deep understanding of IT operations, further fueling his passion for innovation and excellence in technology management.

By leaving corporate America to establish F5, Matt has dedicated himself to transforming the managed IT services and security sector. He aims to lead the company to success, innovate how organizations do business, use artificial intelligence, and set new industry standards, ensuring clients receive unparalleled service and support.

Matt Price’s journey from a seasoned executive and patent holder to a pioneering entrepreneur at F5 underscores his unwavering dedication to positively impacting the IT services sector. As a leader, innovator, and visionary, Matt is committed to driving F5 towards a future where technology solutions are not just advanced but also secure, reliable, and tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses worldwide.

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